Memphis Grizzlies Issue Update on Ja Morant's Ankle Injury 

The Memphis Grizzlies recently provided a major update on Ja Morant's injury, indicating that he has suffered a sprained ankle.

The injury occurred during a game against the Atlanta Hawks, forcing Morant to leave the court early.

While the extent of the sprain and Morant's recovery timeline have not been officially disclosed, the Grizzlies' announcement has sparked concern among fans and raised questions about Morant's availability for upcoming games.

Morant's injury comes at a crucial time for the Grizzlies, as he is a key player for the team and has been instrumental in their success this season.

The team will likely be monitoring his recovery closely and providing updates as he progresses through treatment.

The news of Morant's sprained ankle serves as a reminder of the physical toll that professional sports can take on athletes and the importance of proper care and recovery to prevent further injury.